2009 Two reluctant reader titles from The Crew series by Sam Carter (series pseudonym)

The Crew: Day of the Dog






The Crew: Hot Or Not?


Harvey, Amber, Lewis, Ravi, Jade and Sam live on Spring Vale Estate. Together they are The Crew. The estate isn't as pretty as it sounds. There is always loads of stuff  that goes on there you don't want to hear about, but that doesn't stop them having fun!

Action-packed adventure series following the characters of The Crew: Sam, Harvey, Jade, Amber, Ravi and Lewis

  • Strong, standalone stories perfect for boys and girls who need to build reading confidence

  • Each story is broken up into short chapters, with easy-to-manage amounts of text per page




September 2015 

'Home Instead' in Impossible Things Creative Futures Literary Award (Highly Commended), Myriad Editions



November 2008

'Growing Up On Lard' in The Map of Me (Penguin)


June 2008 

'Cupboard Love' in Finding A Voice: An Anthology of New Writing, edited by Nicola Monaghan. (Imprimata Press) 


October 2007

'Lychees and Bingo Balls' appears in Original Skin, edited by Yvonne Brissett and Ava Ming. (Birmingham City Council and Brewin Books Ltd)



May 2007

'The Last Hao Gao' in Perfectly Formed  an online pamphlet published by Birmingham Words.